storage capacity





DMT offers its customers very large storage spaces.

In order to maintain optimum quality, products can be stored either undercover or in the open.


 Flat Silo on a total cover of 65.000 m² :

  • 55,000 m² are dedicated to fertilizers and other minerals (magnolites, clinker, gypsum etc ...) in dedicated spaces.


  • 8,000 to 10,000 m² are for agro-bulk products, especially cereals. The installation has a large useful height (up to 10 meters) and spaces that are perfectly adaptable according to the needs. Also the capacity is fully ventilated and allows the storage of lots of all sizes, while maintaining an optimal quality.



Open pit storage:

DMT's partnership with Dunkerque-Port has allowed it access to 15,000 sq.m of open-air storage on the quayside. This storage area offers new and competitive logistics solutions in line with the expectations of its customers.



The GMP Certificate is a guarantee of professionalism. Indeed, DMT performs constant monitoring of Thermometrics and sanitary storage conditions.



Vertical silos :in order to best meet the demands of its customers, DMT begins launching plural silos (silos pluriels)  which can accommodate for each nearly 12,000 m3 of slag, cement and other powder products. (see: News). This new installation will complement and diversify the offer offered by DMT and thus optimize its performance for a best direct service to its customers.